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Workshop: Adventurous Touch and Intimacy
Sunday, September 27, 2020   10am
Details: This workshop was once called 'Kink 101'; it includes the fundamental things you need to know in order to safely and happily explore more adventurous forms of touch, intimacy, and sexual expression. It's about half-half theory and practice, and is surprisingly accessible.

If you’re curious about forms of play and intimacy that are more adventurous, or you’ve already played with some things that might be regarded as kinky or from the world of BDSM but want more of a grounding in how to do it well, then this workshop is for you. It will provide you with the knowledge and attitude you need to pursue your interests safely, at your own pace, while giving you a feel for what is possible. It will present information in a way that is positive, accessible, fun, and empowering.

You don't need any background knowledge or experience in kink or BDSM (but at the same time, people that do have experience also report gaining a lot from this workshop). The subject material is approached with a sense of humor and a deep respect for getting the fundamentals correct first.

There are two versions of this workshop - heterosexual pairings, and mixed-gender pairings. The content is identical, but the way that you are paired for exercises varies.
Venue: Melbourne, address released upon booking
Cost: For more information visit our website:
Bookings: Bookings can be made online.
The workshop is for couples & singles [paired with any gender]
Dress Code: Whatever you're comfortable in. There is no dress code.
Contact Email:
Website: Click here to visit website
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