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Curious Creatures Workshop: Roleplay Your Way
Saturday, July 7, 2018   1pm
Details: A roleplay workshop focussed around your fantasies, taboos and self-expression.

Roleplay offers a way to explore erotic fantasies that can be playful, liberating, revealing, and sometimes intense. They're a powerful way to get away from established patterns and discover new aspects of yourself and your sexuality. And they're a very compelling way of exploring taboos - which, let's face it, we all have.

This workshop begins with some general information and case studies about role-play, highlighting how things like consent, safe-words, safety, pre-negotiation, and public consent fit into role-play. Then, we head off in the direction of inner-work around your erotic fantasies, because that's where the juice is! We meander through the things that interest you, compel you, and attract your attention, and we milk them for ideas on how they might work as a role-play - we tap into your core erotic themes, and your fantasies.

Finally (and optionally - participation is not mandatory), we work out how to break those themes down into small, bite-size pieces, and we forge them into a simple role-play, which you work with others in a small-group setting to enact. The emphasis is on going slowly, rather than diving in the deep end; however, tapping into our fantasies and playing them out can often be very juicy and deep work!

Your practice piece includes negotiation and consent-setting processes, and debriefing.
If you're interested in this workshop you may want to check out Kink 101, Kink 102 (the follow-on), A Curious Approach to Spanking, and the Curiosity workshop and play-space.
INTENSITY: You can keep your roleplay capped at whatever level is right for you at the time. But some may take it to some juicy territory. So, two or three out of four chillies.
WHO FOR: Anyone with an interest in roleplay, particularly as it fits within self-development or self-expression.
WHO NOT FOR: Not for people taking their first steps into exploring sexuality. And see fine-print for general workshop exclusions.
WHAT EXERCISES / ACTIVITIES?: Inner work (reflecting on your sexual interests), and three rounds of practicing roleplay (including one built around your interests).
WILL THERE BE PARTNER WORK?: Yes. (But it's more like groups of three, rather than pairs).
HOW WILL PARTNERING BE DONE?: Using a random-number system.
NUDITY: It is possible some participants will use nudity in their practical exercise, but there is no expectation that you or anyone will get naked, nor is there a focus on nudity.
SEXUAL CONTENT: The workshop is mostly geared around role-play as a form of sexual expression. Your practical exercise does not need to include sexuality or arousal, however.
COMMITMENT: If you decide that, after the theory and inner-work, the practical exercise is not for you, you are welcome to leave. The workshop will still have given you insight into how role-play is done.
RATIO EXPERIENTIAL / THEORETICAL: The first ~third of the workshop is theory and discussion. The second ~third is guided inner-work, helping you to explore your fantasies and erotic themes. The final ~third is a structured roleplay practice.
Venue: Brunswick
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