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Workshop: Introduction to Ethical Hook-Ups
Friday, October 2, 2020   6:30pm
Details: Nowadays, hook-up culture is bigger than ever. Online dating gives us access to thousands of potential partners at the touch - or swipe - of a button. But many of us still aren't getting exactly what we want. Stories of disrespect and disappointment are common. 'An Introduction to Ethical Hook-Ups' is a crash course in better casual sex, with straightforward skills for finding the right partners, making genuine connections, and negotiating sexual encounters that leave everyone better off.

This hook-up workshop is designed for people of all ages and genders. It's a practical and sex-positive approach to having great sex. Questions answered include:

• Can casual sex be good for us?
• How do I flirt without being creepy?
• What's the easiest way to make friends with a new date?
• How do I ensure consent without feeling awkward?
• Is it okay to walk away after a one-night stand?

Georgie Wolf (from Curious Creatures and The Art of the Hookup) is an Aussie escort, writer, and educator with a mission: to help others lead more successful sex lives.
Venue: Melbourne, addressed released upon booking
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